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Toddler Learn to Swim
Private Swimming lesson for Toddler

Starting to learn to swim early can help kids improve their motor skills. During their early years of growth, kids are able to learn and pick up skills fast as they are absorbing knowledge like a sponge. When they are expose more to water, they will be able to have more confidence in water and they will have the ability to learn swimming strokes at a much faster pace.

Bonding time with your child

Parents are encourage to join in the swimming lesson. Parents can also learn how to teach and handle their child in the swimming pool. You can also use this time to better understand your child and bond with them during the lesson. 

Learning the fundamentals  

At this age, we will not rush your child to learn the proper strokes but teach them survival skills and also learn to be comfortable in water. We will focus on freestyle kicks, front hand pull and floats. These are essential skills for drowning prevention. As they proceed to higher level, they have their strokes corrected. 

Baby & Toddler Swimming Lesson (6 mths to 4 years old)

Prices are for 4 lessons 

No. of Pax







$360 (per pax $180)

$420 (per pax $140)

$480 (per pax $120)

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