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This program provides candidates with the knowledge and training necessary to conduct SSI Level 1 swim program, from Aquatike I through Beginner III. 

Minimum age

  • 18 Years Old 

Be a certified swimming instructor 

  • Pre-requisites

    • 100m head up (Front Crawl) 

    • 25m Front Crawl + 25m Breast stroke + 25m Back Stroke 

    • Retrieve an object at depth (2.4m) 

    • Tread water (2mins)   

What can you expect during the course? 

  • Introduction to SSI level 1 teaching syllabus 

  • Pool practical training session 

  • On job training after course

  • Assessment

What can you expect after you have cleared the assessments? 

  • After the course and assessments you will become a SSI level 1 Swim Teacher.

    • You can conduct your own private swimming classes in condos 

    • You can join our school to be a part-time instructor


  • Class room & in water session (2 days course)

  • Apprenticeship Training at least 12 hours

  • The number of classes, hours and sessions per day are set by the Swim Teacher Instructor based on the candidate's needs and ability.

Minimum Supervision

  • Complete the Candidate Water Fitness Evaluation as outlined in the SSI Training Standards if it has been more than six months since the candidate has been evaluated.

  • Complete all academic sections and assessments as outlined in the Level 1 Swim Teacher Instructor Manual.

  • Complete the program's final exam.

  • Complete at least twelve (12) hours of apprenticeship training.


  • Completion of all academic and in-water requirements, including a water fitness evaluation final exam (Passing score of 90%), and apprenticeship. Standard First Aid (CPR + AED) certified in Singapore. 

Active Status Qualifications

Active status level 1 Swim Teachers may conduct the following Programs:

  • Aquatike I

  • Aquatike II

  • Aquatike III

  • Preschool I

  • Preschool II

  • Preschool III

  • Beginner I

  • Beginner II

  • Beginner III

  • Level 1 Swim Teacher apprenticeships under the direct supervision of a Swim Teacher Instructor. 

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