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Swimming Instructor/Swim Teacher Course

Be the next generation of swim teacher 

What is SSI? 

It is a world wide professional Swim Teacher programme. SSI is in more than 110 countries. SSI have been training swim teachers and diving teachers for the past 40 years. SSI has a comprehensive and structured teaching syllabus which is easy for the leaners to learn.


Swim Schools International, A premier swim teacher training education and business support organization is currently growing into the global swim industry!

Many owners and dealers from the U.S. and around the world from the aquatic industry took a very strong interest in the Swim Schools International brand concept and have adopted the teaching system into their existing swim centers to create a complete Aquatic Training Facility which offers an revolutionary swim teacher training and certification program complete with a unique swim school setting into their existing school curriculum.

Swim Schools International primary goal is to create a worldwide, aquatic educational program to develop and provide training for aquatic professionals and recreational swimming. These programs will be open to anyone that want to better their abilities and level of swim teaching through a network of authorized swim centers.

What can you expect during the courses? 

  • Introduction to SSI level 1 teaching syllabus 

  • Pool practical training session 

  • On job training after course

  • Assessment

What can you expect after you have cleared the assessments? 

  • After the course and assessments you will become a SSI level 1 Swim Teacher.

    • You can conduct your own private swimming classes in condos 

    • You can join our school to be a part-time instructor

Why take the course with us? 

  • ​Apart from the SSI Syllabus we will also teach you the following to better prepare you to teach outside: 

    • Advance Water Safety for swim teachers ​

    • Prevention and Care 

    • Recognising distress or drowning

    • Negligence and duty of care

    • Legal Responsibilities

    • Risk Assessment Matrix & Emergency Action Plan

Swimming Instructor | Swimming Teacher | Swimming Coach
Private Swimming Lesson | SSI | Swim Teacher
Swimming Instructor | Swimming Teacher | Swimming Coach
Swimming Instructor | Swimming Teacher | Swimming Coach

Swim Teacher Programmes

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