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Special Needs Swimming 

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Special Needs Learn to Swim
Private Swimming Lesson for Special Needs

At sharkies swim school, our head coach bervyn is certified from Austswim to conduct swimming lesson for special needs or children with disability. Coach bervyn specialise in Autistic children.   

Why Swimming Lesson is good for Special Needs?

Special needs children has sensory issue and it is challenging for them just to take a shower or rinse their face. Safety is another concern when your child play near the water. With survival skills taught during private swimming lesson, you can have a peace in mind when they play near or in the pool. There are many benefits that your child can take away from private swimming lesson.


1) Socialising Skills, your child will be expose to the instructor or classmates during the swimming lesson.


2) Exercising, swimming is an exercise which require most of the major muscle group to work therefore if will be a great way for them to exercise.


3) General Coordination, swimming need coordination for you to move in a efficient manner hence swimming can improve their overall coordination skills.  

4) Survival Skills, private swimming lesson can help your child understand how to save him/herself in the water in the event they fall in the pool.

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