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Learn to Swim Program

Learn swimming through fun and safety 

Private Swimming Lesson | Sharkies Swim School | Private Swimming Lesson for Kids | Private Adult Swimming Lesson
Learn to Swim
Private Swimming lesson for all ages

Swimming is an essential life-saving skill to prevent kids and adult from drowning. Learn to swim keeps your kid’s and your heart and lungs healthy. Learn to swim also helps to improve stamina, strength, flexibility, balance and posture.

Why learn to swim in Singapore?

As a coastal state, we bound to be in contact with the beaches/swimming pool/water theme park someday in our life. Swim Safer test are implemented all across Singapore local schools thus it is important to get a head start before learning in school. Singapore also have various multi-sports event ie. Tri-factor triathlon, Singapore triathlon and many more. Therefore, if you want to compete but do not know how to swim, you can look for us at Sharkies Swim School! You can also look for TRIBAL TRIATHLON SINGAPORE for professional triathlon coaching!

Why having private swimming lessons in Singapore is better?

Private Swimming Lessons is usually conducted in small groups of not more than 4 students during the swimming lesson. With small group setting, experience swimming coaches will be able to handle the group easily. Handle easily would meant that swimming coaches will be able to conduct the swimming lessons safely and efficiently. Swimming coaches will be able to correct swimming strokes during the early stage of learning to swim. When strokes and bad habits are corrected in the early stage, kids will be able to have a easier time during their later stage when they start learning more advance strokes. Kids will be able to enjoy the swimming lessons as well. 

Private Swimming Lesson | Sharkies Swim School | Private Swimming Lesson for Kids | Private Adult Swimming Lesson
Private Swimming Lesson | Sharkies Swim School | Private Swimming Lesson for Kids | Private Adult Swimming Lesson
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Baby Swimming Lesson | Private Swimming Lessons singapore
Baby Swimming Lesson
(6 mth to 2 years old)

During this age, swimming lesson for infant can help build their locomotor skills and help with muscle growth. Studies also have shown that swimming lessons for infant can help with babies cognitive function such as spatial awareness, learning development and reading skills as they are growing. Swimming lesson for infant can help reduce the risk of your babies from drowning. Statistic have shown that drowning is the leading cause of death during infant and toddler age. During the lesson, parents will be taught how to be swim teacher to their own babies. This will be a great bonding session with your babies! Usually, floats will be taught during the lesson and learning how to hold your babies safely in water. 

Private Swimming Lesson | Sharkies Swim School | Private Swimming Lesson for Kids
Toddler Swimming Lesson
(2 years old to 4 years old)

You may be surprise what your toddler can do when they start their swimming lesson. Toddlers starts to develop muscles which help them with their locomotor skills. Swimming is a activity which requires most of the major muscle thus it help your toddler with muscle building while they are having their swimming lessons. Swimming lesson can help your toddler improve their balance and coordination skills as the main objective of swimming is to have coordinated swim strokes. Safety is also another factor which swimming lesson is good for your toddler. Parents are encourage to join your toddlers during the swimming lesson. The swimming lesson can be a great bonding time with your child!

Private swimming lessons | Kids swimming lesson
Kids Swimming Lesson
(5 years old to 16 years old)

In Singapore primary school, children are required to go through swim safer syllabus during their school time. Thus, it will be a good time for your child to pick up private swimming lesson! Kids at this age tend to be more playful and adventurous. With proper swimming and survival skills in the water, you will have a peace in mind when they play near the swimming pool. Private swimming lessons is the ideal for kids at this age as they will be able to learn better with safer environment. At Sharkies Swim School, we provide condo swimming lesson to help your kids learn how to swim. 

Private swimming lessons | Adult swimming lessons

It is never too late to pick swimming even you are an adult. Swimming is a zero impact sports which does not put pressure on your joints and ligaments. Many adult who does not know how to swim miss out the fun during beach activities or when they travel to beach resort. Swimming is always the number one concern when adults participate in triathlon events. At Sharkies Swim School, we are here to help you overcome your fear in water and help you achieve your triathlon dreams. 

Adult Swimming Lesson
(16 years old and above)
Private swimming lessons | Special needs swimming lessons
Special Needs Swimming Lesson
(Autism, ADHD and Disability)

There are many benefits which swimming can help your special needs child. Drowning prevention is always the main factor why we teach swimming to special needs child. Special needs child tend to be less predictable, thus it is difficult for parents to know if their child will be safe near the swimming pool. Swimming can help the special needs child to mobilise their limbs and help with muscle growth. Special needs swimming lesson can be a great bonding session for the parents and the child too. At Sharkies Swim School, we have trained swim coaches to teach your child!

Private Swimming Lesson for kids | Priavte Swimming Lessons Singapore

Always wanted to be a swimming coach but do not know where to start? You can come to Sharkies Swim School as we provide swimming courses to equip you with the skills and knowledge to help you become a good swimming coach. We provide SSI courses which are internationally recognise. SSI courses provide you with the step by step knowledge you need and during the practical sessions, you will be able to practice the skills with the Swimming Instructors guidance. So what are you waiting for? 

Swimming Teacher Course
(16 years old and above)

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