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Kids Learn to Swim
Private Swimming lesson for Kids

At Sharkies Swim School, our syllabus will help your kids achieve learning how to swim with a proper stroke. Our syllabus focus mainly on the foundation term (Sharkies Level 1). Sharkies Level 1 is a 12 weeks program. During the program, kids will be drill with kicking drills and and hand pulling drills. Through this, kids will try to achieve to swim without assistance (Floats). Apart from learning how to swim, kids will be taught survival skills as well. 

What is next?

After the kids clear Sharkies Level 1, they can continue to subsequent levels. Each level is about 12 weeks long, consisting of different difficulty. New strokes will be taught during the different levels. We will encourage the kids to continue throughout the level as we at Sharkies Swim School will continue to perfect the kids strokes.

We also offer SSI syllabus

We also provide international swimming certification for your child as well. It is recognise world wide. SSI Syllabus has multiple stages to guide your child to be a better swimmer. SSI syllabus starts all the way from baby level to competitive level. Levels can be skip when your child is assess to be competent to join the next level. 


The level are as follows:

  • Baby level 1

  • Baby level 2 

  • Aquatike Level 1

  • Aquatike Leve 2

  • Aquatike Level 3

  • Pre-school Level 1

  • Pre-school Level 2    

  • Beginner Level 1

  • Beginner Level 2

  • Beginner Level 3

  • Intermediate Level 1

  • Intermediate Level 2

  • Advance Level 1 

  • Advance Level 2

Kids Swimming Lesson (Age 5 to 16)

Prices are for 4 lessons

No. of Pax







$300 (per pax $150)

$360 (per pax $120)

$400 (per pax $100)

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