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Adult Learn to Swim
Private Swimming Lesson for Adult

Did not get a chance to learn to swim when you were younger? Fert not, Sharkies Swim School is here to help you. At Sharkies Swim School, we provide 1 to 1 coaching for adult and it is highly recommended. You can also get more friends to join you if you feel uncomfortable with 1 to 1 private swimming lesson. 

How We Conduct Adult Swimming Lesson?

Before the start of the lesson, coaches will communicate with you to understand what would you like to achieve ie. overcome water phobia, learn how to swim, learn a new swimming stroke or stroke correction. The coaches will set a goal or target for you to achieve as we believe goal setting is important. With goal setting, it will push you to do better for every lesson. 

Why Swimming?

Swimming has a number of benefits for you as a adult. Swimming is a low impact sport which is good for you joints and muscles. Swimming provides full body workout as most of your major muscles are activated. Swimming builds endurance, improve cardiovascular fitness and strengthen muscles. With these benefits, all you need is a 30min workout to keep yourself healthy! Want to hit the pool and learn how to swim? Look for us now at Sharkies Swim School!

Want to try open water swim?

Always wanted to try open water swim but do not have the courage to do it? TRIBAL TRIATHLON SINGAPORE offers open water swim clinic! Swim clinic is conducted by experience swim teacher and Singapore national triathletes, ironman finisher and ITU Triathlon coaches. Sharkies Swim School coaches are in their coaching team as well! Stay tune to their social media pages and website for their open water swim clinic!

Adult Swimming Lesson

Prices are for 4 lessons

No. of Pax







$300 (per pax $150)

$360 (per pax $120)

$400 (per pax $100)

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