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Private Swimming Lesson at Sharkies Swim School

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With over years of experience in conducting private swimming lessons in Singapore, we provide private swimming lessons for all age from kids to adult. At Sharkies Swim School we believe having a strong foundation in the early stage, which can help the child build their confidence in learning swimming at the very beginning.


At Sharkies Swim School, safety of the child is always our priority. We ensure the child is having fun while learning to swim and also creating a safe environment for them during swimming lesson with us. 


We have certified professional coaches with certification from Austswim, Swim School International and NROC to cater to your private swimming lesson needs.


Our head coach has been in the swimming teaching industry for many years and he has also written the Sharkies Swim School swimming syllabus with the knowledge from his Sports Science Degree and his many years of experience. The swimming syllabus will help your child to progress with ease. Other than his own syllabus, he provide syllabus and certification from Swim School International which is internationally recognise.  

Sharkies Swim School travels to where ever you are. We can conduct private swimming lesson at anywhere at your convenience. We go to condo and private properties.  

Apart from conducting private swimming lessons, at Sharkies Swim School we open courses from SSI to impart you the knowledge of how to be a swimming coach and get you certified to start teaching!

Swimming Services
Baby Swimming Lesson
(6 mth to 2 years old)
Toddler Swimming Lesson
(3 years old to 4 years old)
Kids Swimming Lesson
(5 years old to 16 years old)
Private Swimming Lesson Singapore | Private Swimming Lesson Special Needs
Special Needs Swimming Lesson
(Autism, ADHD and Disability)
Adult Swimming Lesson
(16 years old and above)
Private Swimming Lesson | Swimming teacher course | SSI

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Why choose Sharkies Swim School for your

Private Swimming Lesson?

Private Swimming Lesson | Condo Swimming lessons Singapore
Private Swimming lessons | Kids Swimming lessons
Private Swimmming Lesson Singapore | Condo Swimming Lessons

At Sharkies Swim School, we follow Swim School International (SSI) swimming lesson syllabus to guide your child to learn different swim strokes and survival technique at different stages. When you sign up private swimming lesson with us, you will be able to get your child certified from international recognise swimming syllabus. 

Private Swimming Lessons | Learn to Swim
Private Swimming Lessons

After each stage, your child will receive a cert and badge to reward them on their achievements at different milestones during their private swimming lesson. Swimming certification is recognise internationally as well! Other than certification, we provide updates of your child's progress during each program. We will highlight strength and weakness of your child, so that you will be able to help your child when they are not having lesson. 

Our Learn to Swim Programs

Swimming Lesson for all ages

Private Swimming Lesson Singapore
Baby Lesson
(6 mth to 2 years old)

During this age, swimming lesson for infant can help build their locomotor skills and help with muscle growth. During the lesson, parents will be taught how to be swim teacher to their own babies. This will be a great bonding session with your babies!

Private Swimming Lesson | Sharkies Swim School | Private Swimming Lesson for Kids
Toddler Lesson
(3 years old to 4 years old)

Starting swimming at a young age can improve cognitive functioning, reduce the risk of drowning, improve coordination and balance and overall wellness

Private Swimming Lessons Singapore | Kids Swimming Lessons
Kids Lesson
(5 years old to 16 years old)

Want to have a ease of mind when your kids play near the swimming pool? Call Sharkies Swim School now as we provide swimming lesson together with essential survival skills

Private Swimming Lessons | Adult Swimming Lessons
Adult Lesson
(16 years old and above)

It is never too late to learn how to swim even you are a adult. We provide private swimming lesson for you to correct your strokes or teach you a new swimming stroke from the beginning

Private Swimming Lessons Singapore | Special Needs Swimming Lessons
Special Needs
(Autism, ADHD and Disability)

Studies and researches have shown that swimming can help to improve the wellness of special needs children. With our experience, they will be able to open up their world to us with swimming lesson!

Private Swimming Lessons Singapore | Swim School International
Swimming Teacher Course
(16 years old and above)

Always wanted to be a swimming coach but do not know where to start from? Fert not, at Sharkies Swim School we offer courses from SSI to help you to get the relevant knowledge and certification to start teaching!

Sharkies Swim School Core Values

Private Swimming Lesson | Sharkies Swim School | Private Swimming Lesson for Kids | Private Adult Swimming Lesson

Safety is always the priority at sharkies swim school. We will always have the kids in our sight and reaching distance from the swimming coaches. We will let parents to have a ease in mind.  

Private Swimming Lesson | Sharkies Swim School | Private Swimming Lesson for Kids | Private Adult Swimming Lesson

At Sharkies Swim School, we believe kids can learn through play and fun. Learning  swimming through play/fun  kids can develop social and cognitive skills. Kids can also gain self-confidence when they are engaging new experience or environment. 

Private Swimming Lesson | Sharkies Swim School | Private Swimming Lesson for Kids | Private Adult Swimming Lesson

At Sharkies Swim School, kids will be taught to respect each other and help each other learn better and improve together. They also learn to respect their swimming instructors. 

Private Swimming Lesson | Sharkies Swim School | Private Swimming Lesson for Kids | Private Adult Swimming Lesson

At Sharkies Swim School, we will inculcate the I CAN DO IT attitude. This value can help kids throughout their life. Kids will learn at their own pace, however they got to show their determination to learn to swim. 

Why Choose Private Swimming Lesson? 

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 8.38.21 AM.png

Private swimming lessons in Singapore is the best way for your kids and adult to learn to swim. In large group swimming classes, lesser attention is spent on each kids thus bad swimming habits will be pick up. With private swimming lesson, bad habits can be correct and proper form will be taught. How long does one takes to learn swimming? It varies from child to child and adults. Thus, we provide customised swimming lesson to suit your kids or your needs. Sign up for private swimming lessons in Singapore with Sharkies Swim School today!

Swimming Progression Videos of our students! 

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Private Swimming Lesson Singapore | Condo Swimming Lesson


My son loves swimming with Coach Bervyn, he is very patient and good with kids. When he just started, Jasper was not scared of water and was making little progress. Thanks to Coach Bervyn  for being patience enough to spend a little more time on those that need a bit more attention, and now my son is doing so well!!

Private Swimming Lesson Singapore | Condo Swimming Lesson


From being extremely fearful of being in the water when he first started with Coach Bervyn to be able to swim confidently on his own now. A special thanks to Coach bervyn who has been amazing good and patient with him and he definitely has a way in coaching and managing kids. My boy has grown to enjoy swimming so much and she look forward to her weekly swim lesson now. Thank you Coach Bervyn once again!

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-02 at

Cao Mei

My daughter Cao Mei has become more confident in water. I can see her progressing well and getting better with her strokes after every lesson. Coach Bervyn did a wonderful job and is especially patient with kids. I’m glad my daughter enjoys it. 

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Private Swimming Lesson | Sharkies Swim School | Private Swimming Lesson for Kids | Private Adult Swimming Lesson

+65 91159676 

Private Swimming Lesson | Sharkies Swim School | Private Swimming Lesson for Kids | Private Adult Swimming Lesson
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